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Are you looking for an outstanding Natural Climate Solution?

A natural climate solution that seamlessly integrates biodiversity, water, soil and social benefits?

Generation Forests: Gamechanger in carbon forestry

For over 30 years, we have refined our native species reforestation concept

Capturing up to 31 tons of CO2 per hectare annually

Corporate Carbon Concession

Ensure your company's access to premium carbon certificates from a corporate-sponsored Generation Forest.

Trusted carbon forestry experts

With 30 years of expertise in native-species tropical reforestation and carbon forestry, we are ideally positioned to guide your company to attain lasting impacts

* First  carbon transaction in 1998

Others about us

„I recently visited the Generation Forest project and was truly impressed by the team's vision, dedication, and execution. I'm enthusiastic about the work they are doing, seeing it as a model for success through thoughtful planning and sustainable reforestation practices.
Carolina Fernandes – Sourcing Manager at ClimatePartner GmbH
I had the opportunity to visit the Generation Forest that Futuro Forestal maintains in the Colon area. It was a very interesting experience and the impression remains that the Generation Forest model has a very important role to play in efforts to combine genuine income and forest conservation. Its carbon content is also higher than the one of the secondary forest and could be above the one of primary forests. In any case, this management model is very promising and I hope it attracts attention from funding sources.
Gabriel Labbate – UN Environmental Programme
We at Berkeley Mills strive to design and handcraft pieces that grace our clients with a sense of inner peace. One piece at a time. We support the idea of a new way of tropical forestry proposed by Futuro Forestal. That inner peace that we want to give our clients comes as well from sustainable sourcing of our timber. The Generation Forest would be an ideal source of timber for us to create a positive impact by using a raw material. The respect for nature and local communities combined with economical sense ist what we want. Of course we make no compromise in quality and beauty and we know we will not have to, sourcing timber from Generation Forests.
Eugene Stanley Agress CEO Berkeley Mills
For a number of years I have watched as Futuro Forestal developed an innovative forest management approach. Starting almost 30 years ago, they were the first Central American forestry services company to establish native species plantations as part of a commercial reforestation activity. Their vision has a multi-aged, multi-species, native species focus. Generation Forests are designed to generate value, and revenue, at many steps along the way, and then continue to do so for the long haul. The Carbon sequestration potential of the Generation Forest concept, in Panama, is encouraging.
Keegan Eisenstadt - ClearSky Climate Solutions, LLC

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